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Agencija za komercijalnu djelatnost d.o.o. or AKD is headed by its managing director.

AKD’s Supervisory Board is responsible for overseeing the Company’s operations and protecting its interests. The Supervisory Board is appointed by the General Meeting and consists of the following members:

Zdravko Janić, Chairman

Sanda Šimić Petrinjak, deputy chairman

Miljenko Radnić, member

Duje Perdijić, member

Ante Gudelj, member

AKD’s General Meeting is accountable for the Company’s rights and obligations to the Croatian Government as its founder

Jure Sertić, CEO

AKD’s Directors within its organizational structure include:

Adela Jelinek Bišćan, Director of Sales Sector

Blaž Sviličić, Director of Production Business Sector

Leo Lokas, Director of Business Development Sector

Kristina Leko Kuštrak, Director of IT Sector

Mario Mikulić, Director of Joint Departments Sector

AKD holds shares in the following companies:

AKD-Zaštita d.o.o. – a company fully owned by AKD, dedicated to providing professional and integral security services for facilities, individuals and property, in line with the highest European security standards.

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