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The smart tachograph is the second generation of a digital tachograph.

The smart was introduced pursuant the EU Regulation No. 165/2014. 

Pursuant the Act on Working Hours, Obligatory Rest of Transportation Personnel and Recording Devices in Road Transport, NG 75/13, 36/15 and 46/17 and the Decree dated January 31, 2019, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia as a national supervisory body granted a new ten-year period mandate of a public authority to Agencija za komercijalnu djelatnost d.o.o., i.e. gave this company the rights to issue tachograph driver cards, company cards, control cards (for traffic examiners and police officers) and workshop cards.

 The following tachograph cards are issued within the national smart tachograph system cards:

  • The driver card is issued to a particular driver, which identifies the driver and allows for the storage of driver activity data.
  • The company card is issued to a transport undertaking needing to operate vehicles fitted with a tachograph, which identifies the transport undertaking and allows for the displaying, downloading and printing of the data, stored in the tachograph, which have been locked by that transport undertaking
  • Workshop card is issued to designated staff of a tachograph manufacturer, a fitter, a vehicle manufacturer or a workshop, approved by that Member State, which identifies the cardholder and allows for the testing, calibration and activation of tachographs, and/or downloading from them
  • A control card is issued to a national competent control authority which identifies the control body and, optionally, the control officer, and which allows access to the data stored in the data memory or in the driver cards and, optionally, in the workshop cards for reading, printing and/or downloading.

Detailed information on the procedure for submitting a request for issuing a specific tachograph card, its use and all rights and obligations of the holder and the card user can be found on the web page:

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