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License for train operators

Following the effectiveness of the amended Rail System Safety and Interoperability Act (as published in Croatia’s Official Journal, Narodne novine, no. 82/2013) and in order to align Croatia's legislation with the EU acquis, common EU terms and conditions have been provided for the certification of train operators who operate locomotives and trains as well as other operational staff members within the national and international railway traffic system.
Since this is yet another document with clearly visible national elements, AKD was the company of choice when it came to graphic design, card production and individualization. In order to receive and handle applications and to personalize and issue ADR certificates, a user-oriented CMS data acquisition application has been developed, which fully meets the need for controlled entry, storage, safekeeping and processing of all relevant data. The application can be simply and quickly adjusted, i.e. upgraded, depending on specific user requirements. It was originally developed for the purposes of issuing ADR certificates for the transportation of hazardous substances, i.e. for use by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure. However, based on specific requirements of the Croatian Railway Safety Agency, it was simply and quickly adjusted, i.e. upgraded, to meet the needs of a new customer.

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