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AKD eID Card 1.0 is a smart-card application which offers users a secure environment to conduct encrypted operations.

By using this application, the card is in a secure environment and acquires resistance to potential attacks that could compromise the card’s encrypted data. The AKD eID Card 1.0 applet contains various types of personal identification data, several 2048 kB RSA keys and the accompanying certificates for various purposes:

  • Signatures, authentication and decryption,
  • Card-holder PIN for access to sensitive data and operations,
  • Additional card-holder PIN for access to encrypted advanced digital signature operations,
  • Card-holder PUK to unlock the card in case the PIN is locked.

AKD-eID Card 1.0 is a product that can generate internal or external signature keys and communicate with external applications in a secure manner. It is suitable for the generation of qualified electronic signatures (QES) and storage of qualified certificates (SSCD) aligned with Directive 1999/93/EC and effective legislation. The AKD eID Card 1.0 applet is part of a composite, certified product aligned with Common Criteria EAL4+ that includes the functionality of all EN 419211 series protection profiles. Besides an evaluation of the security aspects of the product, this certification process encompassed an independent audit of the application research and development process, as well as the physical security of AKD’s site and facilities in which research and production of encryption equipment proceeds. AKD, as a specialized company, possesses a comprehensive e-ID solution based on digital-security technology with ensured cryptographic protection, an operating system, its own applet on a polycarbonate card with an integrated, certified contact chip and various incorporated optical forms and levels of security features.

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