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Transport and parking cards

Non-bank payment card project: public transit

Many countries worldwide are modernizing and simplifying their mass transit fare systems, which is reflected in the shift from conventional paper tickets to cards with contactless chips. The basic purpose of contactless fare cards produced by AKD is to integrate several modes of urban public transport (trams, buses and suburban railways), simplify and accelerate the ticket buying procedure, enhance passenger flow, and increase fare control efficiency. The introduction of such a mass transit fare system also enables the collection of data and statistics on passenger loads on specific service lines and at specific times, which allows more precise schedule management and more accurate transport system planning and optimization.

Where several operators (concessionaires) are involved, each of them can see the exact number of passengers conveyed as well as the share in fare rates. Fare cards produced by AKD are manufactured in a fully and strictly controlled security environment, which minimizes the risk of their counterfeiting and abuse. The introduction of such a mass transit fare system is preceded by a number of important and extensive activities such as the implementation of a microprocessor technology, logistical interface and operating system. In this context, AKD emerges as a top-flight supplier for each of its customers.

Non-bank e-Pay Card project: road tolls/ UHF RFID parking cards

AKD generates and provides solutions for contactless toll payment systems for roads, motorways, bridges or tunnels. In this regard, AKD’s portfolio in this field creates an ideal functional/flexible platform created in line with customer needs, so that the automated payment system is simple to use and flexible, allowing each use rapid passage through payment points.
The system itself may be open (users stop to pay toll only once – upon entry) or closed (users stop to pay toll twice – upon entry and exit). These systems are very functionally adaptable, and they consist of contactless devices to read cards and computer surveillance of the operations of payment points as well as a central administration system which gathers, processes and stores data from all payment points. The advantages of using the automated road toll payment system have been acknowledged by road owners (states) and concessionaires in savings and organization of time, lower maintenance costs and reduced fraud risks.
The automated parking payment system in garages or restricted-access parking lots, whether public or private, ensure faster payment and supervision of parking spaces. Such a system provides better and more efficient control of parking regardless of atmospheric conditions and visibility of the parking ticket.

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