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Security that guarantees freedom of movement

AKD’s travel and personal identification documents reflect the latest technical knowledge on materials that have to adhere to high standards with regard to durability and security by employing a balanced combination of security elements and technology to ensure protection at multiple levels and prevent forgery attempts and by applying technologically advanced personalization using laser engraving, which is today deemed one of the most secure personalization technologies for such documents. The entirety of production proceeds within a closed system, which means that the process from conception and preparation to completion complies with the most stringent security requirements, particularly those standards which are the prerequisite for the production of all types of personal identification documents.
Within its structure, each biometric passport contains a contactless chip that is used to store the passport holder's biometric data. As a result, such a travel document is less susceptible to counterfeiting risk, accurately identifies each person entering or leaving a country, and aligns the travel documents of individual countries with international standards governing travel document security, contributing to the safety of national borders and international travels.

The Croatian citizen’s e-Passport

In compliance with the rules and regulations of the European Union in the field of identification documents and pursuant to the technical guidelines for the production and issuance of travel documents on the basis of the international standards adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization, the issuance of second-generation biometric e-passports for citizens of the Republic of Croatia commenced on 1 July 2009. The design and security features of e-Passports have been aligned with the requirements of international travel document standard ICAO 9303, European Council Regulation (EC) No. 2252/2004 of 13 Dec. 2004 and EU Council Regulation No. C 179/1.
In Croatia, biometric e-passports are issued by the Ministry of the Interior and produced by Commercial Services Agency Ltd. (AKD).

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