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Guided by its values-driven strategy, AKD always puts customer needs first, creating the conditions for sound and professional co-operation which results in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Orientation towards meeting the needs of customers in a safe, fast, efficient and high-quality manner.
Guided by its values-driven strategy, AKD always puts customer needs first, creating the conditions for sound and professional co-operation which results in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our approach to customers focuses on offering the best innovative solutions adapted to customer needs and custom-made in line with design or product requirements.

Focus on building high-quality and transparent relationships with our business partners.
We believe that sound business relationships are rooted in trust and openness. We strive to win our the trust of our business partner by being committed to how we do business, which our partners can see on the basis of the solutions we offer and the information we share with them. At the same time, we build business relationships with customers and suppliers on a long-term basis and build on them over many years.

Maximum earnestness and responsibility in our attitude towards co-workers and work commitments.
The quality of the operating process and each employee’s performance depend upon collaboration with other employees. By setting a positive example, particularly through quality and timely performance of work, each employee also sends a motivational message to co-workers.

Continuous efforts to advance open communication and mutual respect among employees.
Open communication with employees is of utmost importance for us as it creates a positive work climate characterised by dialogue, understanding and trust among all members of the organisation. It is crucial that our employees respect each other, since this engenders a stimulating atmosphere where all employees can express their full potential. We encourage open communication and personal expression of all employees, so that they are motivated and derive satisfaction from their work and membership in the organisation.

Sincerity, integrity, openness, kindness, tolerance of diversity, teamwork and the creation of a stimulating and pleasant workplace.
All these elements form the foundation of our corporate culture. We are aware that achieving them is a process and that it takes time and energy to ensure that they inform our everyday conduct. AKD’s Code of Conduct details all of these elements, requiring everyone in the organisation to promote them in their everyday work.

Innovation and proactivity in the approach to commitments and a focus on the corporate aims and vision in everyday activities.
A task may be executed in any number of ways. An individual’s positive attitude will contribute to a new and tangible quality in the end product or service, both over the short and long terms. All employees are simultaneously satisfied when and if they recognise their personal contributions to the company’s performance.

Building a positive corporate image and zero tolerance for any inappropriate, unethical, discriminatory, illegal or corruptive conduct.
A company’s image is created every day in the course of interactions between employees, and it is built and promoted through fair treatment and proper understanding of the needs of customers, suppliers and business partners. Zero tolerance for discrimination is one of the foundations of AKD’s corporate culture and serves as a positive signal to the local community whose activities AKD tries to support to the best of its abilities.A major objective of our company is to raise awareness among the employees about what corruption is, what form it can take, the causes and consequences of corruption, and how detrimental it is and how important it is to combat it.


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