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Optical card personalization services – in general

In addition to comprehensive production of documents, AKD offers its clients the option of optical personalization of documents as a separate service.

A closed production system and over twenty years of experience has resulted in the know-how, experience and capacity to offer dedicated services for optical personalization of passports, documents or cards.
AKD offers the market:

  • Optical personalization of, for example, passports or cards by the conventional inkjet technique, which implies the direct print-out of personal data and colour photographs directly on the page inside a multi-layered laminated structure.
  • AKD can offer its clients optical personalization done by laser engraving of polycarbonate pages in passports or on cards, which implies engraving personal data and black-and-white photographs.
  • Optical personalization by embossing belongs to the category of refining processes with or without foil stamping. With this refinement technique, a cliché plate bearing a motif or text is stamped onto the printed matter, leaving a relief (impressed or embossed) imprint on the base.
  • Laser perforation is used to print the passport number. A special laser technique is used to intervene on the passport booklet. The nine-digit passport number is thereby printed by small holes in this manner. In the cross-section of the passport booklet, the holes create a specific conical form such that the largest hole is seen on the first page of the passport, and the smallest on the last page.

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