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Personalization service

Besides manufacturing and personalizing documents and cards and delivering them to clients as complete products, AKD also offers the option of personalization as a separate service, regardless of the purpose and sector making the request.
AKD’s products are personalized in our own SmartCard plant where sensitive information and data are handled in secure environment and a closed process under controlled conditions. The most vital pillars of the Smart Card plant are the qualified staff, the comprehensive infrastructure, high technology, adherence to established and verified processes and 24-hour physical and technical security.
AKD can ensure the secure delivery of documents and cards to clients at any location by its own transportation or with an escort from AKD-zaštita (AKD Security), a company whose core business is to provide security escort and transportation services for high-value shipments requiring physical and technical protection.
Cards or separate PINs, together with additional marketing materials, may be delivered to a specified address by mail, as per the client’s request, to the mailbox of the card holder.
Aware of the fact that our clients are on demanding and competitive markets where loyalty bulding and added value constitute vital factors of their business success, AKD accords great attention to the development of high-quality, attractively designed card products, along with the accompanying integral IT systems, which is achieved through the following services:

  • development of card design,
  • development of card design with anti-forgery safeguards,
  • card printing using offset or screen printing with CMYK, Pantone and UV colours,
  • application of holograms and other security features,
  • application of magnetic and signature strips,
  • installation of chips, either contact or contactless,
  • application of bar or QR codes,
  • optical personalization of cards by inkjet, laser or embossing,
  • secure transfer, receiving and processing of data,
  • individualization of contact and contactless chips on cards,
  • related e-solutions, systems and applications (monitoring the life cycle of cards, reporting, inventory management, archives, etc.),
  • postal delivery which contains the PIN and marketing materials in an envelope – directly to mailboxes,
  • design and printing of all types of promotional materials: brochures, catalogues, leaflets, fliers, posters, etc.
  • secure delivery with the possibility of physical and technical surveillance of high-value shipments,
  • and any other requirements clients may have.

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