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Production and personalization

AKD is a steady and reliable partner, whose many years of experience, expertise, quality and adherence to effective international standards and certificates ensure the production and delivery of top-quality products and services devised under rigorous and security-controlled conditions.

The production of these products primarily entails the delivery of security-protected, conventional and electronic personal documents, cards and the accompanying integral IT solutions to the governments of Croatia and other countries in the region.

Pursuant to this acquired experience, flexibility and short lead times, AKD e-Government offers the market a comprehensive portfolio of products from the e-document and card segment with the accompanying IT solutions and services. In the aforementioned cooperation and partnerships, AKD has participated in a number of national projects launched by line ministries, government institutions, and agencies. Since the production process proceeds in a very safe and secure environment (as demonstrated by certificates and applied international standards), AKD is able to produce (in keeping with their purpose and legal requirements) personal documents for citizens in any country in the world.
AKD’s production process implies the implementation and application of various types of graphic, security features and safeguards and installation and individualization of chips. The basic purpose of these security features and safeguards is the prevention of forgery and unauthorized copying, and they are installed/introduced from the very beginning of document or card design to the final product.

The design, production and personalization of secure personal documents and cards requires a high level of production knowledge and expertise, IT resources, a high level of cryptographic know-how and integrational experience, which AKD indeed posseses and readily offers to the market.

With its document management system, AKD facilitates management of data sets (biometric data, smart chips, physical security elements) and the life cycle of documents or cards throughout the complete production process; receiving requests and personal data, production (from the input of intermediate goods to controlled production, destruction of faulty documents before a formal commission), personalization, delivery of finished documents and monitoring of the validity or expiry of documents due to other set limitations, the possibility of extending validity and all other requirements that may be set.

When producing documents and various types of smart cards, AKD employs the highest-quality, certified and tested machinery and intermediate goods procured from internationally renowned suppliers.

The products made by AKD emerge under high security conditions and, as such, AKD delivers them to the e-Government, banking and corporate sectors.

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