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Secure and intelligent IT is the key to future healthcare services. Not only does it help reduce costs and make treatment more efficient, it also enables rapid and secure access to patient data and the electronic exchanges of medical information. The AKD SmartHealth card (AKD SHcard) has been designed to facilitate the IT development of the healthcare system, for it contains the e-identity, private key and health details of each insured person in the integrated e-health system and meets all security requirements while remaining simple to use. The benefits provided by the integrated e-Health system include faster data processing and exchange, full computerization of the system, faster communication between different health-care institutions, tracking activities within the health system, personal data protection and a single database for all persons with health coverage. The system also allows subsequent upgrades by different applications, such as the e-Medical Record, the e-Prescription, the payment application and the on-line reporting of home health monitoring results. Each AKD SHcard contains two separate applets which support its basic and extended functions. The AKD PKI applet carries the cryptographic function and is used for the storage of keys, certificates and user PINs, while the AKD SmartHealth applet carries the public and private medical details of each insured person, and is open to changes and extensions of the scope and type of data, depending on the needs of a particular health-care system. AKD is prepared to cooperate with its clients to develop and implement a solution adapted to the system’s specific needs to suit both the needs of medical professionals and health insurance beneficiaries.

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