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Since Croatia became a full member of the European Union, the range of various identification documents issued by different governmental institutions has been growing at slow but steady pace. Pursuant to the EU legislation, their approval and issuance is closely linked to specific professions and the authorization to perform specific activities in all Member States, but solely and exclusively subject to possessing specific documents. Therefore, the form, content and function of most of such identification documents are predefined, although individual Member States are still allowed to use their national symbols as long as this does not undermine the unique recognisability of documents.

ADR driver training certificate for drivers of vehicles carrying hazardous materials

Hazardous materials are deemed to include substances which may endanger human health, cause environmental pollution or inflict physical damage, which have properties perilous to human health and the environment and which, during transportation, may pose risks to public safety or order. Pursuant to the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), all Member States have implemented the process to align their legislation. As a result, the Hazardous Materials Transport Act became effective as early as 1 January 2008. Following Croatia's accession to the European Union, the country was obliged to align its national legislation with the European acquis. Accordingly, the layout, dimensions, content, security features, validity and production methods of ADR certificates have been harmonized to meet the requirements of the effective ADR Agreement.
Since this is also one of the documents with clearly visible national elements, AKD was the company of choice when it came to graphic design, card production and individualization. In order to receive and handle applications and to personalize and issue ADR certificates, a user-oriented CMS data acquisition application has been developed, which fully meets the need for controlled entry, storage, safekeeping and processing of all relevant data. The application can be simply and quickly adjusted, i.e. upgraded, depending on specific user requirements. Thus, the CMS data acquisition system may be considered a key element in the supply of integral, top-quality and secure solutions, which is fully compatible with AKD's strategy and its planned courses of development.

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