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International standards

International standards

Quality management systems in accordance with different standardisation bodies are applied by suppliers because this is what the marketplace demands and requires, and because company owners realise that striving towards quality improvements is what allows businesses to survive on the market. 

Benefits from quality management systems are most often long-term and visible only after several years of implementation. Most companies and organisations record improved productivity and performance because of better organisation of operations, increased customer and employee satisfaction and cost savings.
Since the process of manufacturing documents, high-security printed matter, smart cards and counterfeit-protected printed matter requires security above all else, AKD has 24-hour combined staffed and automated security and surveillance. Every product in AKD is made under strictly controlled and supervised conditions, so all customers can be sure that the possibility of abuse is reduced to an absolute minimum. By integrating the IT security management system into the overall business quality management system, AKD has reaffirmed its self-imposed high security standards.

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