EMV payment cards

As one of the leading personalization centres in Croatia and the region, AKD supplies the finance and banking market with its proven quality services, but also appears as a superior, reliable and certified personalizer of bank cards equipped with a variety of security features, such as contact or contactless chips or magnetic stripes or signature strips, depending on the system in which they will be used.
AKD dedicates particular attention to the physical and logistical security of its products. The overall production and personalization process is aligned with the international standards set by MasterCard, which are reflected in a special, strictly controlled approach to materials and specifications, as well as compliance with the security, financial and contractual requirements. In addition to its status of a MasterCard Vendor, AKD has also acquired the status of a Visa Card Vendor for the personalization of bank cards. This makes it a unique company outside the banking system, which can use its capacity for the personalization of all types of bank cards.

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