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The history of AKD as a specialized manufacturer of documents and high-security print products begins in 1991 when it produced the first ID cards and passports for citizens of the Republic of Croatia. When the sovereign and modern Croatian state was forming, it became necessary, among other things, to design, manufacture and issue personal documents, primarily ID cards and passports for all citizens. Since there had been no companies in Croatia that could launch the production of such highly-specialized products immediately, there was a need to establish one.

On 3 July 1991, the District Commercial Court in Zagreb issued a decision on the establishment of a limited liability company for manufacturing and services under the full designation “Agencija za komercijalnu djelatnost” d.o.o. (abbreviated to AKD d.o.o. (AKD Ltd.). The company was established by the Interior Ministry’s Education Centre as its sole founder.

In launching the preparatory activities for the production of ID documents for Croatian citizens, AKD looked to the Interior Ministry print shop in search of expertise and technology. Concurrently, due to the need for suitable premises to house the different profiles of experts from different industries, including the graphics industry, as well as the required technical and technological resources, AKD took control of the Ognjen Prica Printing Institute.

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