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AKD has its own brand - eID Card. Its functionality fully builds on the requirements set by international standard such as ISO7816, ISO/IEC7810 and ISO/IEC 14443. AKD’s eID Card relies on digital security technology, including reliable cryptographic safeguards, an operating system and its own applet on a PVC or polycarbonate plastic with an integrated and certified contact chip and a variety of activated optic security features. AKD eID Card 1.0 – a product certified by BSI under Common Criteria EAL4+, EN 419 211 – is capable of internal or external signature key generation and secure communication with external applications. It is suitable for the generation of qualified electronic signatures and (QES) and the storage of qualified certificates (SSCD) in line with Directive 1999/93/EC and the relevant legislation. AKD’s eID Card constitutes a key element in the implementation of the e-Government project, be it in connection with national e-ID cards or as part of e-Administration, e-Health, e-Transport and e-Voting projects, as well as in the corporate sector (e-Business and e-Banking). All of these initiatives require efforts to ensure a high level of secure authentication and communication between citizens and on-line services. The benefits of introducing a certified e-ID card will be reflected in government cost-effectiveness (savings) and better and faster access in communication between citizens and public institutions, especially in the rendering of services. The card body can be made of PVC or polycarbonate and, in addition to its material, the security of such a document depends on the employed safeguards and personalization technology. To achieve a maximum level of security, a balanced combination of optical and physical security features and technologies is used so as to ensure protection at multiple levels and frustrate attempts at forgery. The final layout of each e-ID card can be designed and rendered to meet specific user requirements, while making sure to provide for all security features. Accordingly, AKD is able to offer the market its capacity to produce electronic identification documents/cards with contact chips as reliable media for electronic authentication and identification, i.e. the storage of personal identification data with peerless cryptographic protection.

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