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Croatia among the first Member States ready to issue the second-generation tachograph cards


AKD proved its excellence once again in the field of electronic identity and security

AKD has met all the demanding requirements set by the European Commission for the public authorities for the smart tachograph system after policy approval and successfully certificate signing and distribution keys for second generation l tachograph cards, and after security, functionality and interoperability testing of the cards. "By setting up this new system, Croatia became one of the first four Member states that successfully completed technological migration to the smart tachohraph, and thus AKD proved its excellence in the field of creating and securing electronic identity and implementing relevant quality standards, functionality and security, this time in the specific field of monitoring road traffic" pointed out Minister Oleg Butković.

The digital tachograph, a device for recording the speed and the time drivers spend driving and standing consists of a device installed in the vehicle, a tachograph card, a device for calibration and a control device. In addition to the enhanced level of cryptographic protection, the important update that the second generation of tachographs has brought forward is facilitating supervision over the implementation of EU Regulations and of the National legislature by using the Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS) and external remote distance detection device. This way, GPS positioning and tracking of vehicles will be enabled. The supervisors will be able to wi-fi scan data from a vehicle built-in unit, as well as to check the weight of the vehicle/load, i.e. this will make it possible to remote monitor/supervise the vehicle without the need to stop the vehicle.

"AKD plays a role of national certification body in charge of setting up PKI infrastructure, issuing digital certificates, personalization and issuing of the cards, generating private keys, personalization and delivery of the cards, receipt and processing the applications for issuing the smart tachograph cards and implementation of the administration procedure and monitoring the life cycle of the cards and in this way integrates the entire process under the supervision of the national supervisory body - the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure", concluded CEO of AKD, Jure Sertić.

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