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Implementation of TPD in Croatia: Registration of economic operators begins


AKD as a national ID issuer for the Republic of Croatia, started issuing unique identification codes to economic operators on April 23, 2019. By 20 May, 2019 - once the TPD Directive enters into force in EU, all economic operators in the chain of tobacco production and sales must be registered and labelled with a unique identification code. Such a way of linking and labelling allows pack unit-based monitoring of tobacco products from the production phase to the market.

For the purpose of registering economic operators, AKD has developed a technological solution that allows the issuance of unique codes that are the basis for establishing the traceability system for tobacco products. Moreover, it enables the registration of users, facilities and machines used in production, management of the lifespan of generated codes and integration with manufacturers' internal business systems. For all users, a simple login system is provided through the website:

Traceability of tobacco products is the most complex traceability system implemented so far in the Republic of Croatia, allowing supervisors to oversee the market in real time and thus reduce the possibility of illicit trade. The Ministry of Finance appointed AKD as ID issuer for the Republic of Croatia, meaning that all those who intent to produce and place their products on Croatian market must get unique code issued by AKD.

AKD is the first ID Issuer in EU to put their solution in production even before the deadline set by the EU Directive and is also the first ID Issuer who has been successfully registered and certified by the secondary repository.

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