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The Netherlands and Croatia are partnering together to issue workshop smart tachograph


EU Commission allowed Member States to obtain temporary smart tachograph cards from other Member States

In accordance with European Commission’s instructions that refer to the mutual assistance among Member States regarding the smart tachograph cards, Croatian AKD and Dutch Kiwa have reached an understanding that the Netherlands will implement Croatian cards as a temporary solution until it is ready to implement its own tachograph cards. Two countries have followed positive guidelines set by EU Commission to overcome temporary setbacks and assure that smart tachograph system of both countries is in place to meet the deadline set by the Commission. Collaboration between The Netherlands and Croatia is a great example of what can be achieved when countries are communicating and working together at implementing best solutions.

Croatia was also one of the first four Member States to meet all the requirements set by the Commission for the smart tachograph system and to successfully complete technological migration to the smart tachograph.

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