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ISO 14001:2004ISO 14001 is an international management standard aimed at continuous monitoring and reduction of the detrimental effect an organisation’s processes and activities on the environment and natural resources. By applying this standard, a company demonstrates that it effectively manages environmental aspects of its operations and cares about environmental preservation and protection. In addition to the benefit that the company operates in compliance with law, the company also meets customer requirements, enhances its public image and competitiveness, and demonstrates a high level of environmental awareness in international tenders or in efforts to expand onto other markets in the region.

AKD, as a responsible manufacturer, dedicates all due attention to every segment of its operations, and in this regard it accords particular attention to environmental protection. Based on this business and social policy, AKD has integrated the ISO 14001:2004 standard into its graphic industry manufacturing processes, primarily to align its manufacturing and operations with environmental protection and preservation guidelines.

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