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SA 8000:2014Implementing the requirements of the SA 8000 – social accountability standard leads to improvement of working conditions for all employees, resulting in higher employee satisfaction, stronger relations based on trust and reliability among business partners – suppliers and customers alike. The standard enhances a company’s business standing, builds customer and prospective investor trust and helps improve product and service quality.

On 29 December2009 AKD became the first state-owned company in Croatia to receive this prestigious certificate. In applying for the certificate, we were driven by our desire to improve the human and labour rights of our employees and to contribute to the local community’s development. Requirements under the standard demand that companies undertake responsibility for the social development of their local communities. AKD has for years provided financial support to programmes and initiatives in the fields of culture, sports, assistance to the disabled and ailing, as well as programmes aimed at comprehensive development of children and youth.

CONTACTS for SA8000:2014

Social Accountability International

New York, USA

telefon: 212-684-1414

Fax: 212-683-8867


Social Accountability Accreditation Services

tel: (212) 391-2106

fax: (212) 684-1515


Bureau Veritas – Hrvatska

Ciottina 17a

RIJEKA 51000

Telephone: + 385 51 213 672

Fax Number: + 385 51 211 067Q

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