ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2019 ENISO 9001 is an international standard directing organisations to achieve set goals in terms of quality of operations and service provision. In a broader sense, it encompasses organisational structure, responsibilities, planning, processes, required resources for system management and documentation. Within such a system, who does what, when and how, and who is responsible for what are known at all times. By implementing a quality management system, a company’s management demonstrates its commitment to developing the organisation and continuously improving the system’s efficiency.

This is a generic standard, which means that all requirements are general and applicable to any organisation, irrespective of its type, size or the products/services it offers.
In 2004, AKD joined the ranks of firms with verified proficiency. AKD’s quality management system was confirmed in compliance with the requirements set down by the international ISO 9001:2008 norm. AKD is certified to print high-security and anti-counterfeit documents, books and other commercial printed matter.